3 Mar

It seems like every house we work in I see wavy drywall and baseboard trim due to the framers not getting all the crowns on the same side.  Almost never is wood straight, the majority of 2×4’s, 2×6’s and on up have a crown in them.  This means that they curve.  2×4’s aren’t really 2×4’s by the way, in the old days they were but today they measure 1 and a half inches by 3 and half inches.  Hold a 2×4 out in front of you and look down the inch and a half side and you should see a curve.  When framing walls all those curves need to be on the same side of the wall, either put them all in or all out.  Pick which way you want them to face and then always do it that way so you don’t mess up.  If you mix up your crowns you will have your drywall and baseboard trim looking wavy.  Wavy walls make it hard to hang cabinets, install tile backsplashes, and countertops.  If you didn’t know what you were looking at you would just think that a novice drywaller installed all the drywall, but instead it was a novice framer or just somebody in a hurry to get paid.

Squareness is very important in corners where cabinets are installed or when installing flooring with patterns in it, tile and so forth.  Level walls are crucial when framing doorways.  Hanging a door should only take 15 minutes when the doorway is framed properly, and if it is off good luck, especially if the drywall is finished.  Don’t use nails when hanging drywall because they will always pop out 6 months or more down the road.  Screws can pop your drywall too but not very often.  This post is more of a rant than a tip.  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC is my company and the guys and I care about quality and things looking the way they should.  I am tired of looking at wavy walls.  Quality is hard to find and I guess that is true in every profession.  People are more concerned with the money they are making than the quality of their work.  Think about how frustrated you get when you have to deal with other peoples shotty work and spend a little more time doing a good job at what you do.  Be the solution and not the problem.

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21 Jan

It is real easy to get taken advantaged of when buying carpet if you don’t know anything about carpet.  First thing you need to know is the pad under the carpet is very important for comfort.  7/16’s 6 pound pad is okay for rentals when you have to keep costs low and you are changing it out after every tenant but for your home spend the extra 5 cents a square foot and buy the 8 pound pad or even better 8 pound memory foam pad for real comfort under your feet.  If you want to sprawl out on your carpet and feel comfort you need atleast an 8 pound pad under the carpet.  You can get pad with pet guard that is water proof, but I wouldn’t recommend putting it in a basement because although it keeps accident spills from penetrating the pad it also doesn’t allow moisture out from underneath it if there is a flood from a water source.  So you would have to pull up the pet guard pad to dry it out in case of floods.

So what is good carpet?  It is pretty simple and it isn’t just something that feels soft to the touch.  You want NYLON carpet, with the strands tightley woven together and preferably a low nap for extended wear.  Look closely at each strand of carpet.  The more spirals you see in the strand the better the carpet is and less likely it is going to fray.  The really good stuff is expensive but that doesn’t mean the expensive carpet is good carpet.  A lot of carpet dealers will push polyester brands on you with a 6 pound pad and charge you a price that you would be paying Good Guy Home Improvements LLC for Nylon carpet with transferable warranty, and 8 pound pad.

If money is tight you can get a polyester carpet with a good pad that will wear decent for about 5 years if you take care of it.  I hate to see people get taken advantaged of so me and everybody in the Good Guy Home Improvements group try to educate our customers on everything we do, so they are aware of what they are paying for.  Junk carpet can look and feel nice when you buy it , then a year later will wrinkle up on you and the nap will lay down in one solid mass. 

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Drywall materials

21 Mar

If you are doing new construction and money isn’t a factor in your budget, use 5/8 fire rated drywall everywhere you can.  It slows down the spread of fire dramatically, gives more of a sound barrier, not to mention extra insulation.  Regular 1/2 inch drywall is fine if you are trying to save money, but green board (moisture resistant drywall) should be used in bathrooms or any areas moisture exists.

As far as mud goes, when taping use the green lid or any powder mud that you have to mix by hand, and I use the same stuff for my second coat, but it doesn’t sand well so don’t load it up on the wall.  Try to use a little as possible, the trick is to not have to sand until the end.  The third coat should be topping, because it sands very easily, which allows you to make it look like you know what you are doing even if you don’t. 

Drywall is the job of an illusionist, which takes lots of practice to come away with a truly professional look.  It is also very messy, which is another reason to hire it out even if you have the skills to pull it off.  $70 a sheet is the going rate for walls, $100 for ceilings, smaller jobs are more, and you get what you pay for so just keep that in mind when getting bids.  Nobody is getting rich off these prices, and we earn our money, because it is tough on the body!

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Painting bids

8 Dec

If you live within 30 minutes of Centerville Oh, Good Guy Home Improvements LLC will beat any legitimate painting estimate!  Good Guy Home Improvements has the most professional, and most qualified painters in the Dayton area.  We will use the paint brand of your choosing as long as it is up to Good Guy Home Improvements standards of paint.  Sherwin Williams, Porter, Behr, Valspar are all acceptable brands. 

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC knows paint and are the most professional at applying it!  Give us a call today at 937-689-1635 and check us out with the BBB, and our own web site at!

Joe Taulbee (owner)


1 Dec

If you need new carpet and live in the Centerville Ohio area or 40 mile radius give Good Guy Home Improvements LLC a call at 937-689-1635.  We have been able to beat out everybody in the area including Lowe’s and Home Depot on any flooring for that matter.  We can give you nylon carpet with lifetime stain warranty, 20 year wear warranty, and half inch memory foam pad for $20 a yard installed.  For rental properties we can do a lower grade carpet that still has nylon in it with the same warranty for $15 a yard installed.  We will not only save you money but educate you so that you know exactly what you are getting from us and exactly what everyone is trying to sell you!

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1 Dec

Drywall finishing is an art and like everything else takes lots of practice to get it right.  It is rather inexpensive to do it yourself, but isn’t fun expecially if your project is large.  You will make a mess, not only with mud, but the dust is horrible.  Turn off your HVAC system so that your not pulling the dust through your vents and spreading it around the house.  You can build a small plastic room to contain the dust to the best of your ability in the area you are working in.  If the framing behind the drywall is all square, level, with the crowns all on the correct side of the lumber, it will make your job much easier.  You can use unmixed drywall sold in bags at Lowe’s or Home Depot that set up in 20, 45, or 90 minutes which can turn the job out much quicker.  5 minute bags are sold at Drywall supply companies, but don’t waste your time if your a novice, because it will set up before you even get started.  My advice is to contract it out.  I own Good Guy Home Improvements LLC and I contract it out, not because I don’t know how to do it, but because I don’t want anything to do with it.  The going rate for a reputable company to install and finish is $70 a sheet, you can get it done cheaper, but you will be sacrificing quality.  I have used many, many sub-contractors for drywall over the years and it is really hard to find drywallers who not only know there craft but will due it in a professional manner, so if you want it done professionaly call somebody like Good Guy Home Improvements LLC, we are reputable with almost 7 years being in business, an A rating with the BBB, an Angieslist member, and you pay nothing until the job is complete and not only to your satisfaction, but mine as well, and I know what perfection looks like while shining a light on the work

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20 Oct

Behr is a very good quality paint at a very affordable price.  I have been painting professionaly for over 10 years and I have used every brand out there.  Behr is a favorite for Good Guy Home Improvements LLC.  It goes on and spreads nicely and covers very well.  You don’t need to spend twice the amount for other paints because you won’t get more bang for your buck.  Valspar from Lowes is a good paint as well, but me and my guys prefer Behr.  Use a 1/2 inch nap on your walls, 3/8’s is two small and doesn’t put enough paint on the wall.  Two coats is enough unless the color you have chosen contains Magenta, which waters down the paint.  With Magenta in the paint you will need atleast three coats maybe more, which usually doubles your cost in paint and labor.

Joe Taulbee

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC