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Choosing a contractor to finish your basement.

17 Apr

I previously blogged about everyone claiming to be the best, most professional, most skilled, etc.. Every contractor has to try and differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd in their advertising. It is easy to judge nowadays  with google reviews, the BBB, references, etc.., but here are a few ways I believe Good Guy Home Improvements stands out from the rest of the posers out there in Dayton Ohio.

1.  We don’t take any money up front. We have been doing this for 12 years and we aren’t broke so we don’t need your money to buy material. You don’t write the first check until your basement is completely framed. This way you get to see us work and check out the quality before paying anything.

2.  We frame up your walls 16 inches on center even though 24 inches is all that is required by code unless a wall is load bearing. I would prefer it that way in my house so that is what we do in yours. If you want to reduce cost we can frame your walls 24 inches on center at your request.

3. We use cement board behind tile on bathroom walls. Moisture resistant drywall is all that is required by code but mold will eventually grow on it so we only use cement board.

4. All the baseboard trim and casing we install is real wood. We don’t use MDF at your expense just to make more money off of you. MDF is like cardboard and if it gets wet it will swell up and be ruined. Once MDF is installed and painted you can’t tell the difference from wood until it gets wet then you will know you got taken.

5. We spray paint your doors and trim instead of brush and roll for a smooth fine finish without those brush and roller marks.

6. We finish off our fire blocking with actual fire blocking foam, once again surpassing code. Instead of trying to slow the spread per code we try to actually extinguish any flame by starving it from oxygen from the get go.

7. We don’t use nails in our drywall, only screws so you won’t have a bunch of nail pops in your walls 6 months after we have left. Screws will make pops as well but no where near as many as nails.

8. I always steer my customers  to nylon carpet instead of polyester. Nylon is softer, will last much longer and wear much better than polyester. It is more money but you don’t have to spend that much more to get nylon.

9. We give you a detailed estimate line by line and you can hire us for any line item. We can also do your basement in stages. The permits are good for one year once they are pulled so if we do your basement in stages and say it doesn’t get finished within that year we would have to pull them again but it would just be a few hundred bucks.

10. I do get under bid quite a bit by other companies but I don’t get beat on quality. Most companies don’t do what I have mentioned above and most don’t take pride in their work. We want your money too but not at the expense of our quality and reputation! Below are a couple pictures of the quality of our work.

Our estimates are free and you can contact me, Joe Taulbee at 937-689-1635 or email me at to set up a meeting in Dayton Oh. Thank you for reading my blogs!