Materials for interior trim work.

26 Jun

A lot of companies will use what’s called MDF for all their interior trim work. MDF is compressed cardboard basically and is cheaper than wood but if it comes in contact with water it swells up, deteriorates, and will grow mold. I wouldn’t install it in my house so Good Guy Home Improvements won’t install it in yours. Good Guy Home Improvements always uses wood unless the customer wants to save money and take the chance with the MDF. Wood can get wet and still be fine once dried out.

If you know it won’t ever get wet you could use MDF trim but I would recommend you never install it in bathrooms, basements, or around exterior doors. If you hire a contractor to install trim make sure they are not using MDF trim in those areas and in my opinion don’t let them install it anywhere in your house. You can tell the difference by looking at the back of the trim and the feel of it. Good Guy Home Improvements will never sacrifice quality for profit! Call me (Joe Taulbee) at 937-689-1635 if you are in the Dayton area for a free estimate or email me at We love to finish basements!Trim work


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