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Basement finishing

6 Apr

It is April 6th 2017 and the economy is doing pretty well. Good Guy Home Improvements LLC is turning 11 this month and we just had the best first quarter to date thanks to our loyal customer base. Our favorite thing to do is finish basements and we are on our 5th one so far this year. Material prices have been rising which forces us to raise our prices as well. You can expect to pay $30 to $40 a square foot to finish your basement through Good Guy Home Improvements LLC. If you are adding a bathroom in your basement figure an additional $10,000 to start and bars start at $6000.

I get many calls a year from customers who tried to save money and hire a friend or someone who gave a cheap estimate to finish their basement only to have problems with code violations, poor quality, and poor materials used. It is worth it to hire a professional and to have the proper permits pulled. If you don’t you risk not only your house burning down but insurance won’t cover you if those permits weren’t pulled and inspections passed.

Yes your taxes will go up but so will the value of your home. We give free estimates, we don’t take any money up front, and you will have a one year warranty on all work and materials through Good Guy Home Improvements LLC. We take payments in three installments, the first being due after all framing is complete, the second after all rough inspections have passed just before we hang drywall, and the rest upon completion.

You can reach me, Joe Taulbee (Owner of Good Guy Home Improvements LLC) at 937-689-1635 or to schedule an estimate or just for consulting.