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Who is actually the best?

15 Jul

Every Home Improvement Company claims that they are the best! The best in customer service, the best in quality, and if you come to them you will be blown away by how they run their business, so much so that you will always come to them for their service and tell all your friends and family about them. These companies do exist but as we all know they are probably one in a thousand if not even less than that.

Every person hiring a Home Improvement Company is looking for the best! Everyone wants a company they can trust in their home, that will treat their home with care, keep it clean throughout the time that they are doing the project, complete the project with quality only found with master craftsman, and with a smile on their face! 99% of the Home Improvement business’s only care about the money they receive after the project is completed, but they will tell you in the beginning that you are hiring the best!

So as the owner of Good Guy Home Improvements LLC, I have to figure out how to differentiate my company from the other 99% who claim they offer the same awesome service that we do! Good Guy Home Improvements LLC has been in business for over 10 years and I believe that to be very important when choosing a contractor for your home. How long have they been in business? Google their name to find reviews, you will find 0 bad reviews with Good Guy Home Improvements as well as 0 complaints with the BBB, which means we have satisfied even the crazies in the ten years we have been improving peoples homes. Ask for references and call them. Did they show up on time, keep the house clean, provide the quality of work the customer wanted? Good Guy Home Improvements has been in thousands of homes so we have thousands of references for you!

It is my goal to always do every job better than the previous one, so ten years later I can definitely say with pride that we have Outstanding customer service and the quality and craftsmanship we offer at Good Guy Home Improvements is second to none in the Dayton Ohio area. Every home or business I enter I look around at the quality of work done and I can find flaws every where I look, with the exception of the projects that we at Good Guy Home Improvements have completed. I return to work on homes I worked on ten years ago and the projects I worked on back in 2006 still look awesome today. We will never sacrifice quality for profit! Call me (Joe Taulbee) at 937-689-1635 to schedule an estimate or email me at, I would love to meet you!