You get what you pay for!

8 Apr

So ninety percent of Good Guy Home Improvements customers are on a tight budget or just want to get their project done as cheaply as they can. They usually have champagne tastes with beer budgets. Understandably so, but that will usually not get you what you ultimately are looking for.  If you are going to spend the money and go through the process of having a contractor in your home you really should be spending the money needed to get it done right.

Quality materials matter and they cost more. Good contractors are hard to find and just because you are paying a lot of money on a project doesn’t mean you have a good one, but on the other hand if you are getting it done cheaply, chances are you have a bad one who is using cheap materials and you have a red light warranty, meaning your warranty is up when you see their brake lights when they leave.

I know Good Guy Home Improvements doesn’t have the highest priced bids in town but we aren’t cheap either and our quality of work and level of professionalism is second to no one. We would never sacrifice quality for profit.

Good Guy Home Improvements has been in business for over 10 years! We have the finest craftsman in every category: Framers, Roofers, Painters, Drywallers, Flooring specialist, Bathroom experts, Kitchen and Basement finishing specialists, Concrete, Pavers, Siding, Stone Masons. We have it all and lucky for our large customer base in Dayton Ohio, we are here to stay! You can contact me Joe Taulbee at 937-689-1635 or email me at for free consulting, and estimating. I am at your service!


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