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Caulking before exterior painting.

20 Jun

Caulk all vertical seams where the boards come together, knott’s in the wood, and any cracks where water can penetrate. DO NOT caulk horizontally under your siding boards, yes it looks nice after it’s painted but it will trap in moisture which will rot the wood. Use paintable caulk and you will want to use clear paintable caulk against brick so you don’t get the ugly look of caulk smashed all over your brick. Another trick is to tape off the brick before you caulk to help keep a clean uniform line. Good Guy Home Improvements LLC has been painting homes in the Dayton Oh area both exterior and interior for the past 9 and half years and will continue to do so for several decades to come. Good Guy Home Improvements LLC has the best painters in the world, call us at 937-689-1635 to find out for yourself!

Joe Taulbee (owner)