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21 Jan

It is real easy to get taken advantaged of when buying carpet if you don’t know anything about carpet.  First thing you need to know is the pad under the carpet is very important for comfort.  7/16’s 6 pound pad is okay for rentals when you have to keep costs low and you are changing it out after every tenant but for your home spend the extra 5 cents a square foot and buy the 8 pound pad or even better 8 pound memory foam pad for real comfort under your feet.  If you want to sprawl out on your carpet and feel comfort you need atleast an 8 pound pad under the carpet.  You can get pad with pet guard that is water proof, but I wouldn’t recommend putting it in a basement because although it keeps accident spills from penetrating the pad it also doesn’t allow moisture out from underneath it if there is a flood from a water source.  So you would have to pull up the pet guard pad to dry it out in case of floods.

So what is good carpet?  It is pretty simple and it isn’t just something that feels soft to the touch.  You want NYLON carpet, with the strands tightley woven together and preferably a low nap for extended wear.  Look closely at each strand of carpet.  The more spirals you see in the strand the better the carpet is and less likely it is going to fray.  The really good stuff is expensive but that doesn’t mean the expensive carpet is good carpet.  A lot of carpet dealers will push polyester brands on you with a 6 pound pad and charge you a price that you would be paying Good Guy Home Improvements LLC for Nylon carpet with transferable warranty, and 8 pound pad.

If money is tight you can get a polyester carpet with a good pad that will wear decent for about 5 years if you take care of it.  I hate to see people get taken advantaged of so me and everybody in the Good Guy Home Improvements group try to educate our customers on everything we do, so they are aware of what they are paying for.  Junk carpet can look and feel nice when you buy it , then a year later will wrinkle up on you and the nap will lay down in one solid mass. 

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