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Fixing nail pops before painting

15 Sep

To properly fix a nail pop drive in a drywall screw a couple of inches from the nail  making sure you hit the same stud that the nail is in, then remove the nail altogether.  If you don’t remove the nail it will pop out again.  Wood swells and contracts with temperature and humidity, which naturally pushes the nail out over time.  This is why drywallers should never use nails.  You will probably due more damage when removing the nail but you have to spackle over it anyway so don’t worry about it.  Once the nail is out fill in the hole with spackle, but don’t worry about finishing it yet, just fill in the hole and the area you damaged getting the nail out and let it dry.  Then you can go back with your second coat leaving it rough looking if you have a textured ceiling.  If it  is a wall or smooth ceiling leave a little bit to be sanded off once it is dry.  The nail pop will never come back because the nail has been removed and wood can’t push screws out.

Now you are ready for paint.  Prime the spot where the nail was removed otherwise your paint will get soaked up in the new spackle and will flash.  Prime it twice, put to coats of paint on the wall and you will be good to go. 

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Nail pops in drywall

2 Sep

Nails should never be used when hanging drywall, because wood swells and contracts with humidity and temerature change so no matter what it will push nails back out.  If a drywaller is alone hanging drywall he will throw a couple nails into the drywall to hold it in place while he screws the rest of it, or if it is a contractor trying to finish as quick as they can in order to get your money and run, they will nail all of the drywall, leaving you with nail pops in less than a year.  

Always use screws, because the wood can’t push them back out, so when you repair a nail pop, pull the nail all the way out and put a drywall screw in its place, otherwise the nail will only pop back out.

So when you have drywall work done by a contractor always insist they never use nails, and by the way Good Guy Home Improvements LLC only uses screws.  We perform every project the same way we perform work on our own homes!

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC is the best contractor in town!  Did I mention we love to paint!

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