Drywall tip by Good Guy Home Improvements LLC

17 Aug

Apply drywall mud over your seam using a 4″ drywall knife, then place your drywall tape on the mud holding one end tight against the wall with your fingers while squeezing out the mud from underneath the tape with your other hand and the 4″ knife.  There should be no mud left on the wall, only the mud under the tape.  Wait for that to dry, usually 24 hrs. unless you hold a hair dryer to it.  Next use a 6″ drywall knife and apply a coat over the tape in the same direction of the tape, and you just want a potato chip thin coat.  Let that dry, then do a third coat and this is where the skill comes in.  You should not have to sand until you are completely done, otherwise you aren’t doing it right.  Use a 12″ or even better 16″ knife for your third coat and again thin coat.  After this dries, sand it, inspect it with abright light, and use your 16″ knife holding the blade to the wall to make sure the blade sits tight against the wall everywhere you put it.  If there are any gaps beneath the blade you are going to have to fill those in.

Drywall can be extremely frustrating for amateurs, so if you can’t do it, call a professional to get it done right.

Joe Taulbee

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC, 937-689-1635, goodguyhomeimprovements.com


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