Best sheen to use when painting by Good Guy Home Improvements LLC

13 Aug

Paint sheen is the degree to which the  paint shines.  Paint sheens go in this order flat (no sheen), matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss and high gloss.  If you have young children in your home you might want to go with an eggshell or satin on your walls because the more sheen the easier it washes off, flat doesn’t wash off.  That said, flat looks the best on the wall.  When light hits the sheen it highlights every little flaw, where as flat has zero glare, which in turn helps to camoflauge flaws.  Flat also looks very elegant, and covers better during application.

If you decide to use a flat and the wall you are putting it on has a satin or higher sheen, you should prime first, to get good adhesion.  Flat on top of a sheen can peel if it gets moist and can chip easily.  When painting the interior of your home it isn’t necessary to buy the top of the line paint, because middle of the road will wear and last the same, but on the exterior it is a different story.  Buy top of the line for exterior so you get a full five years before you have to hit it again.  You should get up to ten years with stains.  You can’t put stain over paint, so if paint is on your house you are stuck with paint.  Don’t wait till it is peeling to paint, so you can avoid water damage, and the hassle of scraping.

It doesn’t take long to learn how to roll, but it takes quite a while to learn how to cut in like my guys at Good Guy Home Improvements LLC, so if you need a professional and you live in Dayton Ohio, give me (Joe) a call at 937-689-1635 and check out my web site at


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