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Choosing colors for interior painting

31 Aug

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC has the best painters in the Dayton Ohio area and we will paint any color you chose for your home.  Sherwin Williams makes it easy for you with their HGTV color palettes.  There are 9 palettes each with 20 colors on the palette that go together.    Accent walls are nice or a color have way up the wall, then chair rail, and another color on top, which is popular in dining rooms.

Always bring samples home and apply them to the wall.  Holding a swatch up to the wall isn’t going to give you a good enough idea of what it will look like.  You can use Sherwin Williams color visualizer to, which is on their web site.  All you do is upload a picture of the room you want to paint, pick out colors on the visualizer and it will apply them to the photo.

The guys and gals at  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC love to paint and they are very talented at it, so if you don’t or can’t tackle the paint job yourself please contact us for a free estimate either by email, or give Joe a call at 937-689-1635.


Choosing a paint color by Good Guy Home Improvements LLC

26 Aug

When choosing your colors before you paint your home, it is always best to bring home samples and apply them to the walls first.  You might change your mind once you see them on the wall.  Also if you are choosing two colors from the same color swatch, always choose atleast two shades apart, if you choose one shade apart it will look like the same color on the walls even where they meet up in the corner, trust me, they are a different color but they will look the same.  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC has an excellent painting crew with over 30 years painting experience.

You can use Sherwin Williams color visualizer on their web site to help you with picking out colors, and you can get to their web site by clicking on their logo on the home page of  If you aren’t an experienced painter and you want a professional paint job give me a call (Joe Taulbee), at 937-689-1635 Good Guy Home Improvements LLC owner, and I will come out to give you a free estimate.  I do my own painting with four of the friendliest most meticulous painters in the Dayton area!  We are very clean, quiet, and professional!


Joe Taulbee, Good Guy Home Improvements LLC owner

Drywall tip by Good Guy Home Improvements LLC

17 Aug

Apply drywall mud over your seam using a 4″ drywall knife, then place your drywall tape on the mud holding one end tight against the wall with your fingers while squeezing out the mud from underneath the tape with your other hand and the 4″ knife.  There should be no mud left on the wall, only the mud under the tape.  Wait for that to dry, usually 24 hrs. unless you hold a hair dryer to it.  Next use a 6″ drywall knife and apply a coat over the tape in the same direction of the tape, and you just want a potato chip thin coat.  Let that dry, then do a third coat and this is where the skill comes in.  You should not have to sand until you are completely done, otherwise you aren’t doing it right.  Use a 12″ or even better 16″ knife for your third coat and again thin coat.  After this dries, sand it, inspect it with abright light, and use your 16″ knife holding the blade to the wall to make sure the blade sits tight against the wall everywhere you put it.  If there are any gaps beneath the blade you are going to have to fill those in.

Drywall can be extremely frustrating for amateurs, so if you can’t do it, call a professional to get it done right.

Joe Taulbee

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC, 937-689-1635,

Best sheen to use when painting by Good Guy Home Improvements LLC

13 Aug

Paint sheen is the degree to which the  paint shines.  Paint sheens go in this order flat (no sheen), matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss and high gloss.  If you have young children in your home you might want to go with an eggshell or satin on your walls because the more sheen the easier it washes off, flat doesn’t wash off.  That said, flat looks the best on the wall.  When light hits the sheen it highlights every little flaw, where as flat has zero glare, which in turn helps to camoflauge flaws.  Flat also looks very elegant, and covers better during application.

If you decide to use a flat and the wall you are putting it on has a satin or higher sheen, you should prime first, to get good adhesion.  Flat on top of a sheen can peel if it gets moist and can chip easily.  When painting the interior of your home it isn’t necessary to buy the top of the line paint, because middle of the road will wear and last the same, but on the exterior it is a different story.  Buy top of the line for exterior so you get a full five years before you have to hit it again.  You should get up to ten years with stains.  You can’t put stain over paint, so if paint is on your house you are stuck with paint.  Don’t wait till it is peeling to paint, so you can avoid water damage, and the hassle of scraping.

It doesn’t take long to learn how to roll, but it takes quite a while to learn how to cut in like my guys at Good Guy Home Improvements LLC, so if you need a professional and you live in Dayton Ohio, give me (Joe) a call at 937-689-1635 and check out my web site at

Where to lay the first tile when tiling.

4 Aug

Nine times out of ten the room you are about to tile is out of square, which is sloppy workmanship from the framers.  Never assume the room is square and start running off of a wall.  A simple way to find out if you don’t own a square is to pick up something that is square and hold it in the corner of the room.  If both walls line up with your square object then move to the next corner and so on.  You will probably find one wall running off in another direction, so find the center of the room and lay out a long line of tile with spacers in between them then stand back in the opening of the room/doorway and see how it looks.  The naked eye is pretty good at seeing stuff out of line.  Once you feel you are straight in the room, take a look at what size the tiles will be when they hit the walls, cabinets, toilets (if you are in a bathroom) and make sure you don’t have any tiny strips anywhere, if you do then adjust your layout to fix the problem before you start sticking them to the floor.  When in a bathroom you always want to cut your tile so that it hugs the back of the toilet flange on the floor, if you don’t  hug it, it will show when you set the toilet.  When your tiles are where you want them, draw a line next to your first row and around your first tile, so after you pull them off the floor you know where you want to start.  Remember to always butter the backs of your tiles when installing on the floor no matter what size they are, if they aren’t buttered they won’t stick, period, then you have a floating floor with cracked grout.  Also if you are installing a sub-floor on top of plywood, make sure you screw down the plywood every 4 inches into the floor joists, so you are positive there is no movement.  It is a major deal to have to rip up your newly layed floor because the grout has cracked due to floor movement.

Joe Taulbee

Owner of Good Guy Home Improvements LLC