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Painting tip

23 Jul

When you want to put some color on your walls, check out the cut in lines along the edge where the walls meet the ceiling as well as all your trim and casing.  If the old paint didn’t get cut in well, you might have some paint on the ceiling or your trim, so if you don’t take the opportunity to put a coat on the ceiling and trim first and you are a good painter, then your only choice is to paint over the sloppy job with the new paint so that you don’t see the old paint on your ceiling and trim, which will be a new paint job that looks as sloppy as the old.  If you aren’t a good painter you might want to hire a professional so all your cut in lines are nice and crisp the way we do it at Good Guy Home Improvements LLC!

Joe Taulbee

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC owner.


Plumbing tips for bathroom remodeling

15 Jul

When doing a bathroom remodel and you unhook the water lines from your sink valves and toilet valve, be prepared to replace the valve or cap the pipe.  It is common for the valve to be bad and leak even though they are shut off.  With galvanized pipes you can unscrew the valve and screw a new one on, Copper, PEX and CPVC will need to be cut off and you can simply slide on a shark bite valve or shark bite cap until you get your new valve, make sure you shut off the main water line coming into your home before you start.  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC uses shark bite valves and caps, even though they are more expensive, their ease of use and re-use for that matter makes it worth while.  You can cut out the old shower valve slide on your shark bite cap, then when you are ready to hook up the new valve, you simply pull off the cap and save it for your next project.  You can use it over and over until it wears out. All Galvanized should be replaced due to its corrosive properties, with Copper, and Pex water lines, and PVC drains.  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC doesn’t use mechanical vents even though some county codes allow it.  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC feels that if you are going to spend the money to remodel your bathroom or install a bathroom in your home, then it should be done right, with your drains being properly vented to the outside of your home.  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC is in business to make money, but never sacrificing quality for profit.  With Good Guy Home Improvements LLC you not only get what you pay for, but we take that extra step, the same way we would if we were working on our own homes!  Check out Good Guy Home Improvements LLC with the BBB,, our web site and Facebook!

Joe Taulbee

Owner of Good Guy Home Improvements LLC

Tile floor tip of the day.

7 Jul

Just a really good tip for anybody getting ready to install tile.  Make sure your floor has no movement in it, NONE.  Drive 3 inch screws through the plywood down into the floor joists every 4 inches.  This may seem like overkill, but trust me, if that floor sinks even a 32nd of an inch down when you stand on it, your grout can crack and I don’t care if you put grout boost in your grout, and use ditra sub-floor, as Good Guy Home Improvements does, it will still crack.  It’s so much easier to do that extra step, than to tear all your tile back up, chip your thinset smooth and start all over.  A lot of companies out there will make this mistake then tell you there isn’t anything they can do for you after they have been paid and the grout is cracked three days later.  They tell you it isn’t there fault, it’s your problem.  It is called the red light warranty.  When you see the red lights on their tail lights as they drive away your warranty is up!  Good Guy Home Improvements LLC are the true professionals in the business with a one year warranty that you will never have to use!  Go to then give Joe a call at 937-689-1635.