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Staining decks and sealing concrete.

5 Jun

New decks or newly replaced boards need atleast 30 days to dry out before they are stained/sealed.  If you are using a semi-transparent stain are new wood, you may only want to put on one coat, so you can see the wood grain, otherwise two coats are best for optimal protection from sun and water.  Top surfaces should get a fresh coat every two to three years, the rest should be re-sealed every five years.  I have used all brands and prefer Deckscapes by Sherwin Williams.  Other good brands, are Thompson, Behr, and Valspar.

Concrete should be sealed to protect it from pitting in the winter months.  Water soaks in, freezes, swells, and busts out little pits, which over time will completely destroy the concrete.  Keep it sealed to protect it from this, and in the process you will keep dirt and other possible chemicals from soaking in.  You can use water-based sealers on sidewalks and patio’s, but you should use solvent based sealers on driveways, garage floors, and around swimming pools, because of chemicals such as chlorine, oil, gas, salt, etc..   These chemicals will eat right through a water based sealer.  Put a fresh coat on every three years.  Again I prefer Sherwin Williams, but there are other good brands out there.  Just remember you usually get what you pay for.

Joe Taulbee

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC