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Basement finishing for man caves and media rooms.

20 May

Basements are perfect for putting in a theater room, man cave, or play area for the kids.  You can insulate them to block out sound, so there are no distractions when you want to get away from noise, enjoy movies or not here the loud noises of kids at play.  Basements are a cool place to hang out when you want to get away from the summer heat.  Check out Good Guy Home Improvements for our prices on basement finishing.


Painting and caulking the exterior of your home.

6 May

It is really important to inspect the exterior of your home in the spring and fall to make sure there aren’t any cracks in caulking around windows, doors, and siding.  If water can seep in, wood will begin to get saturated, start to rot, and also allow pests to get in.  100% silicone should be used around all your windows and doors, and a good paintable caulk on all the joints of cedar or hardiboard siding.  It is better to use a stain on all your exterior wood, because it will seep into the wood rather than sit on top like paint, and last longer than paint, but stain can’t go on top of paint, so figure out what you have and stick with it.  Stain doesn’t need any primer before applying, but paint does.  I use Woodscapes (stain) from Sherwin Williams, and Resilence (paint) also from Sherwin Williams.  I really like the Resilence, not only because of the quality, but because it can get rained on an hour and a half after it is applied, and as a contractor it prevents the rain from destroying my schedule.  Behr products from Home Depot, and Valspar products from Lowe’s are good products as well.

It is also important to keep all your concrete patio’s, driveways, and walkways sealed, because water saturates them in the winter, then freezes, and creates pits, which over time destroys the concrete.  Use oil base sealers around swimming pools, garage floors, or anywhere chemicals may get on the concrete.