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Tile backer board, and sub-floor.

21 Apr

I used to use 1/2 inch cement board for all my tile, but now I use 1/2 inch Kerdi board on all my walls and Ditra on all my floors.  Cement board is a third of the cost, but the Kerdi products are so much easier on the installer and far superior products.  I save a lot of time so the costs even out.  I can install Ditra and immediately tile over it, where as with cement board you have to wait till the thinset sets up.  I also use Kerdi shower kits now too instead of pouring a cement base and using a rubber lining.  Again I can immediately tile over the kit versus having to wait on the cement to cure.  The shower kit is far superior as well, with never having to worry about water getting out or mold growth.  I am not a dealer of Kerdi products either, just giving my advice, althought Kerdi can send me a check if they like.

Joe Taulbee (owner)

Good Guy Home Improvements LLC


Tip on installing tile

14 Apr

When installing tile always make sure you are using the proper products for the area you are installing, and use quality products as well.  You want it done correctly so that it lasts a long time, looking fabulous, and trust me, you don’t want to have to fix it.  Once your thinset sets up, it is a nightmare, to fix.  Research what you are about to do, find out from your local tile store the proper products to use, and if you aren’t sure what you are doing, then hire a proffessional.  If you hire a proffessional, unfortunately you still need to know the process, and proper materials to use, because I have had to fix a lot of tile jobs supposedly done by proffessionals, so question them, and watch what they do when installing.  I add a latex additive to my grout that makes it more flexible and water resistant, which never needs sealing.  The additive is aMUSTwhen installing tile outdoors, because water that gets through the grout will freeze in the winter time and crack your tiles.  I also suggest that you back butter your tiles, meaning you use the straight edge of your trowel and butter the thinset on the back of the tile.  Back buttering makes sure you have proper adhesion, and the tile will be properly installed.  If those tiles move even a hair when walked on, your grout will crack, and like I said before, fixing it is a nightmare job.  Good luck!

Joe Taulbee (owner of Good Guy Home Improvements LLC)

Framing tip

2 Apr

If you pick up a two by four and hold it out in front of yourself, you will notice it has a slight curve to it.  The side that is curved outward is called the crown.  When framing a wall the crown side of all your lumber needs to be facing either the inside or the outside of the wall consistently.  If you don’t do this you will notice a wave in your wall when you are finished with drywall as well as a wave in your baseboard trim.